Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Want to write for us?

You have your own opinions about what you read and watch, I'm sure. Care to share? We're always open to submissions. Here are the steps:

(0. OPTIONAL: E-mail me to check whether we're interested in a review of a given title. Please keep in mind that a favorable response to your query is NOT a complete guarantee that your review will be published.)

1. Send me your review of a mystery novel, short story, TV show, movie, game, etc.

2. I'll write back to let you know whether we will be able to use your review. I may suggest edits at this point, and I'll also want to confirm the name you'd like to appear on the review, etc.

3. After we work all that out, your review will appear on The Mystery Shelf. It may take a little while, because I space out posts based on type of content, etc. But it will get there!

I look forward to reading your contributions.

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