Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesday: What's on your shelf?

Each Wednesday, we'll have this open thread for The Mystery Shelf community to share what we're reading and watching right now.

This week, I'm...

Reading: I'm currently in the middle of Mary Higgins Clark's new one, Where Are You Now?; hopefully I'll have a review for you tomorrow. I think next up will be Murder Is Binding by Lorna Barrett, which my librarians tell me is based on the town where I live.

Watching: I should be getting another McEwan Miss Marple disc from Netflix today, and I'm also anxiously awaiting the next episode of Bones - I hope it will be online so I can watch it tonight!

What are you reading and watching this week?

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The said...

No mystery reading at the moment, but I watched an Inspector Morse mystery over the weekend. What do you think of the McEwan-Marple mysteries? I love them, especially because of the casting. Where else are you going to see multiple Doctor Whos (and the Master), a minor James Bond, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, half the cast of Green Wing AND Richard E. Grant in the same series?