Monday, May 5, 2008

TV: Bones 3.12 - The Baby in the Bough

Brennan with a baby. Hah. Yeah.

Plot: Booth and Brennan get called to the scene of a car accident, because the driver of the car was set on fire and the body is therefore unrecognizable. Booth hears crying, and they find a baby. In a tree. Yeah. Apparently, when the car crashed, the baby's carseat flew up into the tree and stayed there. So they get the baby out, and then they find a key that might provide vital evidence, and then - shocking! - the baby swallows the key, and therefore has to stay with Booth and Brennan until the evidence comes out the other end. (And, by happy coincidence, Brennan is registered as a foster parent! Yeah.) Brennan and Booth, with baby in tow, follow the clues to a small town in West Virginia and eventually figure out what happened to the baby's mother. The whole set up is rather more unbelievable than usual - it's like they said "Hey, let's make them have to interact with a baby!" and then just made stuff up to get there. But the actual mystery is decent.

Booth/Brennan: The baby stuff was actually pretty cute, but there was something even more interesting to the Booth/Brennan relationship. At the beginning of the episode, Booth realizes that Brennan's books and movie deal have made her pretty wealthy, so he spends the rest of the episode trying to convince her to buy a vacation house so he can fish. She keeps shooting down the idea, of course, but neither of them questions his assumption that her vacation house would be for their joint use. Hmmm...

The Squints: There was some hilarious stuff with Angela saying she wanted "a million" kids and Hodgins panicking and then subtly trying to reduce the number.

Overall Grade: B+

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