Sunday, May 4, 2008

TV: Without a Trace 6:15 - Deja Vu

This episode aired on April 24. Recap by Amy W.


This week's missing person: Jay McCann
A coma patient named Jay McCann awakens three years after the car crash that put him in the hospital. His awakening and subsequent recovery is deemed a miracle, and while taking a walk outside of the rehab center, he "fades" out. The team follows several false leads, including that his wife was having an affair, and a father of another coma patient asking Jay to "unlock" his coma-ridden son.

Through their investigation, the team finds that a mistress was blackmailing Jay – a mistress that has been missing since Jay's accident. Jay was carrying a cashier's check to pay the woman off. However, he was delayed by the accident, and she lost her temper. His brother, on site to take her to the airport after the payoff, accidentally killed her in a struggle. When his brother confirms this memory to Jay, Jay insists on going to the police. His brother refuses, but Jay leaves his brother under the impression that he is going to the authorities. He is later found, unconscious and missing his wallet, on the subway. The episode ends with him back in a coma, in another hospital.

Ongoing plot development: Jack and Jen Long
Jack is still in the hospital recovering from his gunshot wounds. While awaiting his sponge bath, his iPhone rings and he listens to a panicked voice mail message from Jen Long. Through the episode, Jack keeps asking Sam to check in on Jen, but Sam puts him off, telling him that she is too busy with the McCann case. Jack gets fed up, doses himself on his pain pills and breaks out of the hospital.

Jack confronts Jen's mother first, who is fairly hostile with him since Jen has been put on a witness list to testify against her abductor. She believes however that Jen is safe, as she has been sent to stay with her aunt. Jack makes her listen to the panicked message, and she tells him how to find the aunt. When he arrives, the apartment is open and he finds the aunt locked in the closet. The abductor had been there, beating the aunt, until she let it slip that Jen might be at the park. Jack goes to the park and talks to a group of punks (with horrible drawn-on tattoos) and they tell him that the abductor had also been there looking for her as well. He tries to talk to other people, but his health is failing quickly. He eventually tracks her to a diner that he "remembers" and hears her struggling in the back. She's being forced into a van, which Jack shoots at. The van loses control and hits Jack, but the driver manages to get out with a gun. From the ground Jack fires off shots and kills him. Jen thanks Sam, who has finally managed to arrive on the scene, as her ordeal is now over.

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